New device against insect bites

A modern and effective treatment against bites and stings.

I'm sure you know them. Those beautiful summer nights that are spoiled by mosquitoes or other stinging insects. Your skin starts to itch and swells up, and as a result, you start to scratch and further irritate your sin. The Mosquito-Click is indispensable in every household. This patented and user-friendly product makes sure your skin stops itching in no time and moreover, it is suitable for the whole family.


Extensively tested on safety
Medical device (class CE0051)
Also for babies older than 6 months
No expiry
No chemicals on your skin
Compact packaging


Immediate result
5000 treatments
Works without batteries
In the shape of a keychain
No sticky substance
Against stings and bites of mosquitoes, insects, jellyfish and stinging nettle.

What is the Mosquito-Click?

The Mosquito-Click is an approved medical instrument and consists of natural quartz crystals. Thanks to small, not-felt electronic waves the swelling decreases and itching disappears.

How it works:

Step 1. Hold the Mosquito-Click in the palm of your hand and place your thumb on the button.
Step 2. Place the instrument on the place of the bite or sting.
Step 3. Click 4-5 times to stop the itching. Click 10-15 times to stop both the itching and the swelling. Children need only half of the recommended number of clicks.

When to use?

To gain the best result we advice you to use the Mosquito-Click as soon as possible after the mosquito- or insect bite. You can also use the Mosquito-Click with stings of stinging nettle and for jellyfish bites. You can attach the Mosquito-Click to your keychain, that way your Mosquito-Click is always nearby.

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